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Morning fog in my head

There are lots of reasons to be tired today - from traveling to and from Ohio to a crazy night at a wedding to packing up for my move to Richmond and the stress that it brings. When I got up for my group run this morning, I just couldn't go. It's hard to describe really - my head felt a bit foggy. My body just said "No." So I slept for a couple more hours, then took my dog out for a long walk and a short jog. It's nowhere near what I planned on doing, but it felt good to at least get outside for 30 minutes.

I'm not too worried about missing the group run since I'll be running with a large group in Saturday's half marathon. And I'm not worried about making up the miles - I'll simply adjust my planned days off. I've realized in the past few hours that I have let myself get a bit dehydrated and that my body needs to catch up before heading out for another run. Traveling has a way of doing that to you, as does doing all these things I'm not used to. Mark it down as a lesson learned fortunately before my mileage gets too much higher.