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Richmond Marathon training, 2010 miles I passed 960 miles for 2010 today -- the most since I started logging my runs by mileage in 2007. I doubt that I ran more from 2004-2006 when I ran by time. So after 3.1 mostly pain-free miles today, I am at 961.8 miles for the year.

I should be jumping for joy -- don't get me wrong, I am happy about this -- but with knee issues and being sick this week, my focus remains on getting things right for next week's Richmond Marathon. (A week from now, things will be just under way!)

With all these things going on, I haven't lost sight of 1,000 miles either, but I know it's not going to get here as quickly as I thought it would. At one time, I thought I'd hit the mark around this week or even during the marathon, but it looks like it'll come later this month. I'll be patient about it and make sure I run it healthy.