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Motivated to rest

With an upcoming crazy weekend with a baby shower out of town, I've never been more happy to not run as I have this week. With a walk and short jog with my dog yesterday, it was liberating to know that I'm just taking this week to do whatever when it comes to exercise. It's nice to know I decided to avoid a marathon this year ... had I chosen a marathon this fall, I would've kept to the rigorous routine and probably would have driven myself to the ground this week. Like I said earlier this week, maybe next year.

When I get back to town Sunday evening, I will have figured out what I'm doing this fall. The only thing that makes sense for me with a baby on the way is the 10 miler; anything after that isn't worth traveling to. And I'm holding a grudge against 13.1 miles right now, so I don't want to even think about that distance. I was almost convinced to run the Baltimore Half, but the price just jumped to $80, so I quickly thought twice about that. There are several community races around here that I may do and I may be very happy to just do those.

Meanwhile, here's a reminder for myself on what I want to do next year ...