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moving, Richmond

It's been one hell of a week with getting out of my apartment and seeing boxes of stuff from there, storage here in Richmond and from my mom’s house in Bedford come together.

I feel overwhelmed by these strange things that I have kept my whole life, and by what my wife and I taken from place to place.

Enough is enough.

I've given myself a deadline for several things with this move and with running: July 1. It's the new Jan. 1.

  • No boxes in my house that I have to go through. Some boxes – just a small handful – may have to go to the attic to be unseen, but my wife and I are making tremendous progress de-cluttering our lives. I have to go through these things so they don't just continue to collect dust.
  • Pick a paint color for the baby's room, or at least have it narrowed down. The project to finishing his room also will have a deadline soon.
  • Refocus on my diet. Moving in the past week has led to some really bad choices to eat quickly. The reset process has started this week; the major focus comes in a couple of weeks. I have to at least celebrate my birthday next week before I eliminate some things, right?
  • Develop a training plan to get to the 5k PR mark. I’m signed up for a 5k on July 4 in Ohio (that I know is a 5k since I've done it before), but I know that I'm not in PR shape. That race will really be the benchmark to see where I stand.
  • Read blogs again. I miss my virtual running friends, but as a way to stay focused on other things, I had to make a cut to blog reading temporarily.

As for some other things going on, my 35 "streak" was going great until the move. It wasn't that I didn't think about it, but I was so exhausted at the end of every day Friday through Sunday that nothing else got done.

It was a nice challenge for a little while, but it wasn't such a great goal with what I had going on. That doesn't mean I won't stop doing some things related to that number this month though.

I also slipped in an extra soft drink this weekend, which once again dampens my "13 goals" for the year. Just as I did in April, though, I think I can get through July before I have another one. I simply wanted an extra caffeine boost on Sunday to keep opening boxes.