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Much-needed rest

I'm a huge proponent of rest -- I'm a firm believer that rest is just as important as running. After running every day in the month of April, I knew I needed some downtime. After a great run last Wednesday on the trails, I could just feel it ... that feeling that my legs needed a running break. So I took four days off from running, which is the longest break since not running the first three days of the year. Last week was my first single-digit week of the year, coming in at just under 10 miles. It was only the fifth week under 20 miles for a week all year. Coming off last year in which I ran just a little more than 600 miles, I had to take a break so I wouldn't get that burned out feeling.

When I went out for a run yesterday, I had a great feeling of my legs being rested. Four days off from running was just as good of a decision as pushing myself by running 30 straight days in April.