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My next marathon?

No, I'm not jumping ahead yet. In the middle of a relatively bad summer of training, I needed a boost. No, tonight's meal at Cheeburger Cheeburger didn't count. The boost comes with thinking about my next -- and second ever -- marathon. I've been wanting to do another marathon, but I just haven't found the time to commit to it, nor have I found the one I want to do (or maybe I've just run out of excuses). Today on Twitter, BRP26pt2 started following me -- that's the Blue Ridge Parkway Marathon. There's really not much to tell about it right now, except that there's a blog entry about it here and they're on Twitter.  I'm not committing to it yet, but the timing of it would be perfect. It's late spring and it comes about a month and a half after the Shamrock Half that I'll likely do again. The Parkway is a bonus -- I grew up near the Blue Ridge Parkway in Bedford, so it would be somewhat of a homecoming. Besides the Virginia Ten Miler that I'd love to do again, there are very few long-distance races in that area that interest me.

So for now, we'll leave it at this ... it's a big maybe, but it's the biggest maybe to come along in some time.

* * *

I think I'm pretty much over what was bugging me last week, except I had an awful meal tonight. It's a WTF kind of meal. Like, why did I do that? Perhaps I did it to wake me up and set me straight for August. It's kind of a weird thought process -- eat what I shouldn't eat just to remind me how bad it feels.

* * *

Speaking of last week, even though the whole week was bad, I had a good long run of 7 miles on Saturday. I'm right where I want to be with my long runs, but my overall mileage is down from what I'd like. I think maybe I'm being hard on myself since it's the summer, but at the same time I'm staying injury free, and I can't really ask for more than that.