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My not-quite 24-hour gym

When my gym moved earlier this year and became a mostly 24-hour facility, I never realized that they closed on Sunday nights for all of 8 hours. I wanted to get a solid cross-training workout in tonight, but when I arrived at the gym shortly after 7:30, I discovered that the gym closes at 8 p.m. They open back up at 4 a.m. Monday and then stay open until late Friday. I know that the gym isn't a high-demand facility on a Sunday night, but this all just seems weird to me. I still managed to get in a quick, but intense 20 minutes on the elliptical -- a nice way to close off this week. Despite packing, doing a yard sale and spending some much-needed quality time with my almost year-old son, I got in some good runs -- 3 runs of 3 miles or more and another 2.2 miler. It's my first double-digit week in a while since I had put more focus on cross training recently (and a focus on moving).

* * *

Anyway, I have one more day off before I start my new job in Lynchburg and I'll be staying in Bedford for a short time until my housing situation takes care of itself. Either way, I'm looking forward to tackling these hills this fall and winter to get ready for whatever I do next year. With all this moving around and so much going on, I'm not sure at this point in my plans for next year will still hold. I haven't signed up for Shamrock yet -- I want to do it, but my bank account may say otherwise by the end of the year (when the race usually sells out). I just have to wait and see what happens.