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My not-so-secret love affair

Over on the #RunChat blog Scott and I have a "Things you love about running" blogging challenge going on with some great giveaways. It was one of my favorite contests last year that pretty much resulted after we both had a lull going on. It's one of those things every runner should do every once in a while — make a list of what you love about running. Valentine's week is the perfect time to do it.

Since I'm in somewhat of a blogging lull, I thought I'd come up with a (short) list too.

Disney Marathon start

1. The community Someone made a comment to me on Twitter the other day about "real runners" and that you're not a "real runner" if you listen to music. I call that out because I'm here to tell you those most runners do not have that attitude. The running community — both virtual and at races — is a strong one. The positivity that I see through the lens of #RunChat is amazing and grows stronger every day.

2. Snow I love a peaceful run the day after a snowfall.

3. Me time As great as the community is, I also enjoy how running can be such a solo act. If asked on an interview if I work better as a team or as an individual, I would draw the comparison to running.

Sometimes running with others makes me stronger and will lead me to produce a better result than I expected; the work I do solo, though, is what gives me the confidence to run in a group of like-minded people. That makes sense, right?

Also, just being out there without worrying about anything else in life is pretty nice.

4. Hills Yeah, I said that.

5. The new shoe smell It's kind of like that smell of a new car. It's one of those things you really don't encounter that much in life, so smelling shoes that haven't touched my feet yet is one of the great joys of running.

What's on your list? Head over to the #RunChat blog entry to find out how you can share yours and win great prizes.