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Nearing 300

If you're new to my site, I'll warn you now - I'm a numbers guy. I like to take them and analyze them in weird ways and use averages in ways that averages probably aren't used. I'm in no way a nerdy math guy ... well, in high school I did tutor fellow classmates in algebra ... and I used to want to be an accountant ... so, maybe I am. My career path just went a different direction. ANYWAY, if all goes as planned tomorrow, I will hit 300 miles for the year and hit more than half the miles I did all of last year. Even back in 2007, when things were at their best with my running, I was not at mileage like this at this point in the year. I'm now well on pace for 1,000 miles, a goal that I thought I would never be in reach again. Sure, there's a lot left in the year, but keeping my mind on the big prize now will keep me going through the summer.

My April streak is still going well. The Relay for Life run completely on sidewalks on Friday and Saturday took a lot out of me, but after a short and slow trail run on Sunday, I had a great run last night that revived me a bit. My runs this month have been pretty ho-hum and I feel like I've just been logging miles because I said I would. Now, though, I'm ready for the second half of the streak to be a little different.

Lastly, be sure to check back here in the morning as I have a Q&A with a fellow blogger ... and I appear on his site. That's all I'm saying for now!