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New Feet

Fellow blogger Michelle over at Running Down a Dream recently wrote a letter to her legs. I almost did the same to my feet last night – I wanted answers. I wanted to know why after treating them so kindly for the past six weeks or so were they giving me trouble now. Well, we must have had a telepathic conversation because this morning I woke up with a different set of feet. It was nothing short of a miracle. While there was still some soreness, I could walk without piercing pain. Without needing an explanation from a doctor, I know what happened – my insoles to help one foot totally messed things up with the other foot. I don’t know why it took a couple of days after running for it to hurt, but it did.

So now instead of going back to another doctor or even worrying about my original physical therapy plans, I’m taking the rest of this week off. No running, no biking, no elliptical – besides some casual walking and regular walking with my dog, my legs and my feet are getting a break. When Monday comes along I may decide to stretch out the break with running. I’ll decide on that later.

For a brief moment this week, I had a lot of doubt. I was ready to cancel my Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon plans and just not worry about anything for the rest of the year besides some shorter events. But I’m not a quitter. Unless my problems continue into June, I plan to train this summer like I haven’t trained before. My feet haven’t knocked me down yet and I’m not about to give in. However, I’m also not stupid – if I’m hurt, I’ll stop and hop back on this train at a later date.