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New life ... not yet

Baby roomI flipped the calendar to September the other day and was suddenly thrust into fast forward as my wife and I thought our baby was on his way. Without too many details, the baby IS on the way ... he's just taking his sweet time getting here without us needing to be in the hospital. With all that happening and juggling things at work, my focus on goals for September stopped at 2,000 sit-ups AND 1,000 push-ups. That in itself will be tough, but with the help of a few friends I'll stay focused enough to get close. Something will be better than nothing is pretty much my mind frame right now.

That something has actually started off pretty well in these first few days ... I simply don't want to get to the end of the month feeling exhausted and like I did nothing.

I also kicked off the week with a 7+ mile run with my friend Josh, who is in the process of moving to Richmond. I was able to knock off 20 minutes on my bike on Tuesday and a short 3-mile run this morning. It's all about doing something with running and biking too.

By the time you hear from me again, my family should be a little larger ...