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New tunes

Having an iPod shuffle is great ... until the shuffling seems to start going through the same things over and over again. I guess that's what happens when the workouts get a little longer. So before my long run tomorrow I'm reshuffling the shuffle and this time I'm adding a little more variety. I'll still have my favorites -- like O.A.R., but instead have the new live at MSG, and Dave Matthews, but now with the new live with Tim Reynolds at Radio City -- but I'm adding more of a mix. I'll be adding Jon McLaughlin's "Indian" CD -- it has a pretty good rhythm to it. I'll mix it up with some of Garth Brooks' older stuff as well. As space allows, I'll be adding Mat Kearney's "Nothing Left to Lose" and Third Eye Blind's "Greatest Hits" CD.

A quick note about this week ... I'll be just a few miles short of my goal of 30 miles for the week, but if all goes as planned my long run will be 15 miles tomorrow. I have substituted a run this week for tons of packing today. I've sat done long enough to eat and run a few errands. It's been a very constant day of doing stuff, so I didn't want to add a run to the list of things to do today. I am still very pleased that despite so much going on that I'm even close to 30 this week after tomorrow's run, and I'm really happy that I had 100-plus miles in August.