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New Year, New Blog, Renewed Commitment

While things continue to be a work in progress at this new site, there's something that's very refreshing about moving my blog. It just fits with this being a new year. Although all my old posts have moved with me, changing sites helps me move forward. It's really time to put 2008 behind me and focus on 2009. Last year seemed like an endless cycle of things I wanted to do, but just never quite got to where I wanted to. I feel like I'm starting 2009 off like I did 2004, the year that I first started running and lost weight. While I'm nowhere near that 220 pounds that I was then, I'm at 192.8 today. I want to get back to 180 or below and stay there. I've been up and down 5 to 10 pounds for a while now and it's time that I recommit to eating better and focusing on getting in the best shape of my life. It's been a good few months of doing what I feel like doing, but it's time to take back to a level I haven't been at in a while.

So quickly back to this blog. If you're unfamiliar with the comments section on WordPress, it's pretty simple -- leave something in the name section and leave an e-mail address (which is never published) -- it's that simple. The Web site category is optional -- if you have a Web site, please leave it. I'm always looking to add to my blog roll. Also keep an eye on the links at the top of the page -- over the next week or so I'll be finalizing them. I've already completed the "About" section and the "Race Times" section. I like have that there instead of clogging up my one page ... just one of the many benefits of WordPress I've already noticed. (Jan. 2 edit:I've turned off comment moderation, so you can actually leave anonymous comments. I'd still prefer that you still leave a name, but it's all optional now.)

Lastly, I just want to say Happy New Year to everybody out there. Thanks for following me to here, and I look forward to having you along this next journey.