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No. 1 of '11

2011, running, Shamrock Half Marathon

I ran 2.1 miles this morning in my brother-in-law's neighborhood in North Carolina to kick of 2011. While not much, it's a much better start to the year than last year.

While on the run I captured the above photo -- maybe it's a sign that I'll be OK for the Shamrock Half. Maybe. I'm trying not to think about that much right now. My focus is getting this ITB injury taken care of and be able to get back to 4-5 miles comfortably in the next few weeks before making any decisions. Things felt good today. The biggest issue seems to be my legs not wanting to go. I feel refreshed, but I also have that starting over feeling. Maybe that's a good thing.

I have one final shout-out to 2010. I closed out the year with a short 1.1-mile run on Dec. 30 to finish with 1,009.1 running miles for the year. Thanks to Daily Mile for making the mileage so easy to track.

Daily Mile, 2010