No. 1 rule: Be flexible

I read a good blog yesterday about setting goals and taking a look at them often. (Click here for that posting.) It sort of fits with what I said the other day about being flexible in my training schedule. Well, this week alone, I've already flipped what I had planned for Monday and Tuesday. After a weekend of being on my feet quite a bit, I simply didn't feel like running much yesterday. So after a short walk and jog with my wife and dog, I ran back to my house for a little less than a mile total and lifted weights. That led a much better quality run today just over 3 miles and makes me feel much better about getting up at 5:45 a.m. tomorrow for my group run (which is not flexible).

With that being said, I'm adding a label below called "lessons learned." I hope this is the first of many on my journey to the marathon.