No. 1,025

  • Writer's block has hit me hard-core, but only here. Funny, though, that I'm not struggling at work or when I start a post on the #RunChat site.
  • I am signed up for a spring marathon. Perhaps I should write about that one day. You can figure it out if you like blog tags.
  • I met Patton of Optimal Run this week. Great guy, great company. Can't wait to get to know him better and share more of our thoughts.
  • Instead of writing in my spare evening time, I'm thinking a lot about baby names. It's funny how one day something sounds just right, then the next it doesn't. The process of picking names and also keeping it secret is one of the greatest things in life I've experienced.
  • I have a fundraiser for my half marathon in November. I need to write about that, too, but in the meantime click here to go check it out.
  • Quick update on my August goals: 10 running miles so far, 6.5 biking; 145 total push-ups in 6 days; 6 miles was my long run on Friday. Everything is right where it needs to be, except I missed a ride this morning due to thunderstorms.