No. 1039

After so little blogging in the past few months, I feel this sudden urge to write about a lot of things. Only problem is having the time to do that. Like everything else outside of work and family, I have to devote 30 minutes a few times a week to sit and write. That'll happen eventually. For now, I just need a mind-clearing post and turn some of these into actual posts later on:

* This weekend I'm running the Five and Dime at the Runner's World Festival. That's a 5K followed by a 10K. My plan remains like it was when I first mentioned this ... which is I don't know. I certainly won't "race" these two events. I'm just running them a little faster and with more effort than other runs I've had lately. And that, to me, is all I need headed into the rest of fall.

* By "rest of fall," I mean also taking part in an event that I know I won't fully "race" -- the Richmond Half Marathon. This event to me is all about seeing where I am. Will going for a PR 5 months later at Shamrock be realistic? Will I not go too crazy doing another race and not setting a goal in stone? It's kind of a race that'll fit what's become the theme of my year -- a test.

* I'm also raising money for Comfort Zone Camp at the Richmond Half. Help me out and win cool stuff in the process.

* I realized recently that every year I've been running I've set at least one PR. Some PRs are bigger and more important than others, but it's a streak that I can't let end this year. I decided that in December to go for a PR in the 10-miler at the Surf 'n' Santa race in Virginia Beach. It's flat and at sea level. Certainly I can beat last year's mark at the Virginia Ten Miler. I'll explain more in a later post ... about everything.