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No. 520

* For future miscellaneous posts, I'm just going to put the number post it is. No real reason; it's just a change I wanted to make. * I ran 10 miles tonight, which isn't all that significant, but it is the first solo double digit run since last summer. All my 10-mile or more runs this year have been with my friend Travis. It was odd, but I pushed myself through the hills and the heat and got it done.

* I will do a guess-my-time contest for my 5-mile race this Saturday. I'll have details about that on Friday.

* The next #runchat on Twitter is at 8 p.m (ET) tomorrow (Thursday) with Scott from The topic: injuries. The format will be slightly different. We'll give everyone a few minutes to introduce themselves and then post the first question a few minutes after 8. We will be asking questions for about 45 minutes or so. And then for the last 5 minutes or so, we'll open up the questioning for everyone to ask questions and seek advice. We hope that everyone participating gets something out of it. Injuries are part of running and we can all learn from others.