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No. 538

As things continue to go well, I've hit a block this week with things to write about, so here are just a few things on my mind: * Barring illness, I will hit 30 miles this week for the first time since ... well, I'm not sure. I think it's three, although I might have hit the mark two summers ago. Either way, my 14-miler planned for Saturday will get me to 30.7 for the week, the first 30-mile week in a long time. I'm looking forward to it.

* I'm in week 4 of 100 push-ups, a big make-or-break point for me in this program. In tonight's second set, I struggled, so I dropped down a level for that set. I ended up with 89 total push-ups and felt great. Now my arms, which are starting to see some changes, are ready to fall off.

* Daily Mile has recently had some site upgrades that I think are awesome. I'm so glad I found this site to log my miles and connect with so many different types of people. There are slow runners, fast runners and everyone in between, and being a part of the site has played a huge role is this year being so successful.

* I've mentioned #runchat a few times on here, but we need your help in making it better. Please fill out our very short survey that will help determine the day(s) and time(s) for #runchat on Twitter.