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No. 555

* I often forget to blog about #runchat that now officially happens the second and fourth Sunday of the month. It's an awesome event that me and Scott from iRunnerblog started earlier this summer to have conversations about anything and everything related to running. We're happy to announce that this weekend's #runchat will have an event giveaway thanks to the kind people at Brooks. Visit Scott's site to find out more about the contest, and be sure to log onto to Twitter at 8 p.m. ET Sunday to join in on the conversation. Be there ... or be out running. * It's fall ... but don't tell the 90 degree temperatures that. I have a feeling that sometime in the next few weeks we're going to snap our fingers and have that feeling of going straight from summer to early winter. I just hope it's nice and cool for the marathon. The weather for this weekend's Virginia 10 Miler isn't looking too bad with temperatures probably close to 70 at the start.

* My legs are really tired this week. Thankfully it was a built-in recovery week anyway. Not sure how this will impact what I do Saturday; I'm just glad that I'm cutting the miles back this week. Last week I did fine pushing through it, but there's no way I have that willpower this week, except come race day.

* The summer heat and extra sweat seems to be taking a toll on my shoes much more than I'd like. They still have some decent mileage left in them, and alternating between two pairs helps, but I am going to need to buy a pair for the Richmond Marathon. Not that I'm complaining. Who doesn't love new shoes? It's just rough on the wallet.

* I reached the final hole in one of my belts this week. It was on the third hole at the beginning of the year. I have to make sure that I don't use that as an excuse to go eat like mad for the next week.