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No. 592

* I quietly announced in a few places that I hit running mile 1,000 for the year on Saturday. I'm working on a blog post about my 1,000-mile journey, but it started sinking in how much it means to me. It's one of the biggest goals I've ever had, so it's taking me a while to put together the highlights of this quadruple digit milestone. For now, though, running is over. * So a few people did read last week's "Dear Santa" post and just a few days later I was hooked up with P90X. I don't have any intention of doing the entire program, but instead use it as a supplement to running. True cross training. For now, since I can't really run, I'm giving myself a slow introduction to the program. All I have to say after two DVDs ... two partial DVDs ... is WOW.

My arms were sore for almost three days after the first disk, and I just finished up the Plyometrics disk. Who knows how I'll feel tomorrow, but it's very nice to do a full lower body workout with my knee not bothering me at all.

* Speaking of knee issues, I've had a couple of visits with the chiropractor and things seem to be going well. (I was supposed to have appointment No. 3 today, but my SUV wouldn't start after work. Ugh.) I probably won't blog about it too much. Honestly, I have to see how it all goes. I'm confident that getting things lined up will go a long way in making 2011 a great year. For now, I just have to wait.

* Speaking of 2011, I announced on Twitter today I wouldn't be running a marathon next year. It's certainly not a big deal, and I'm not sure why I tweeted it, but it's just something I don't want to do. I won't say "never again," but it'll be a while before the urge hits again. I want to stick to half marathons, but I want my first focus to run pain free again.

* And speaking of Twitter, #runchat was awesome last night. If you haven't joined in the conversations yet, please join us for the next one Dec. 26. As a reminder, #runchat is the second and fourth Sundays of every month.