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No. 594

It's that time of year in which bulleted blog posts are becoming the norm. There's a wide variety of things on my mind with nothing really dominating. I was tempted to leave my 1,000-mile journey post as the last post of the year, but then people would get all worried about me. I don't need any strangers knocking on my door right now. So, here's a variety hour, blog post no. 594 since April 2007. * My chiropractor appointments are going well. The leg stretches have proven to me that I'm no longer very flexible. I'm not sure that I ever was. It's been a wake-up call that I should do some sort of stretching though, no matter what some people say. I'm not getting in the "to stretch or not to stretch" debate. Different things work for different people. I won't stretch a cold muscle ... and that's all I'm saying about that.

* As a result of resting and getting my body fixed, I think that I can run again soon. Not that I've fully stopped, but less than 10 miles in 5-plus weeks isn't really running. I ran 1.2 pain-free miles yesterday. All at once. It's the first time since the marathon running more than a mile non-stop (I think). My hope is to give myself a Christmas gift this week and run 2 miles non-stop. We'll see. No promises.

* Speaking of not really running, but still running, I've had ZERO 0.0-mile weeks this year. While I don't like all these very low single digit weeks, this is another nice accomplishment to this awesome year, assuming I keep the streak alive in these final two weeks of the year. If I could give 2010 a theme, I would call it The Year of the Streaks.

* There are 89 days until the Shamrock Half Marathon. It's either going to be Shamrock No. 5 in a row in the best shape ever or not at all. I'm not going to half-ass it or risk injury. If I can't run regularly again soon, I'm not going to push it. But if I can run soon -- at least getting to double digits comfortably in a week by mid-January -- you better believe I'll go for a PR again.

* So this getting to the 170s by the end of the year thing ... let's just say I've maintained, and I'm very happy for that. With very little running, combined with a cold from hell in the past two weeks, I can't do everything I want to do physically. Maintaining in the first three weeks is a win for me. I'm not giving up hope on it though, but I'm also not going to work my way to a sickness that lasts even longer.

cat, Nermal

* Lastly, on a sad non-running note, "my" cat died this weekend. Nermal -- yes, after Garfield's cousin (except my Nermal was a boy) -- was 15 years old this month. He was a classic fat cat -- probably about 25 pounds. He was as mean as a pissed off snake through much of his life. I use the term "my" because when I was a senior in high school, I just had to have him. But through college and a couple of apartments that didn't allow pets, Nermal stayed with my mom and stepdad his whole life. Ironically enough -- and perhaps very fittingly -- he died by his food dish Sunday, probably on his way to some food.

While he was mean, he'll be missed. Nermal's death caps the year of animal deaths in my family -- my aunt and uncle's dog died this fall, as did one of my sister's dogs. It makes me very appreciative that Duke is in such great health right now and to do whatever I can to make sure he's around for as long as he can be.

Nermal, cat