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No. 648

If you're new to my blog, the numbered post refers to which number entry this is since I started my running blog in 2007. It's been a while since I've done one, but it's also been a while since I haven't had much to say about one specific thing. Instead, I have a variety things in my mind. * Last week I wrote about breaking through the comfort zone. Well, today I did something I haven't done in a really long time -- I ran before 7 a.m. I haven't done that since sometime during the weekend while training for the marathon last year. I haven't done that on a weekday since a failed attempt sometime last summer. AND I didn't wear my Garmin. So this morning was truly about getting out of my comfort zone -- and I enjoyed every minute of it.

* My hill repeats on grass the other day really had a big impact on my legs. It was quite the wake-up call to do more runs like that. My main goal that day, though, was to run on trails and I intend to do that very soon. It's been a while and I need that feeling of running through the wilderness a couple of times a month. Plus it's a good workout for the core and balancing.

* Speaking of core, my plank test this week was 1:50, a 10-second improvement over last week and a 37-second improvement since the initial test at the end of February. I'm fully confident that I will hit my 2-minute goal this month, perhaps a little earlier than I expected.

* After having a marathon goal all of last year, it feels very weird to not have a "big" goal for later this year yet. That being said, I don't want to look too far beyond April 2 when I run the Monument Avenue 10k. My main goal is to get through that race completely injury free. I plan to push it pretty hard, but only as a springboard for the rest of the year. I've written all about that here. My "big" goal may in fact become multiple goals as I am leaning heavily toward getting faster and staying focused on short distances. We'll see. I've been known to change my mind when I haven't paid for anything.

* Lastly, if you haven't check out my Relay for Life post, please do. If you have $5 to spare to donate to a great cause and to make me run for that great cause, I'd greatly appreciate it.