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No. 664

Just a few random thoughts for a Friday …

  • Today marks one year since the launching of this site. In 12 days, I’ll celebrate 4 years of blogging. This all got started under a different name, then I changed the name to "Running Because I Can" a few months later on Blogger, then moved to Wordpress and now this (which uses a Wordpress admin). (Today is the 664th post in those four years.) It's been a great year, but I don't see a need to rehash anything today. I've done enough of that.
  • I had a horrible run Wednesday night. It felt like I was running through mud. I need runs like that from time to time to remind me that the comeback trail isn't easy. Sometimes I think it appears that it's easy, but it's certainly not. The run was so craptastic that I decided right then and there to take a couple of days off and wait to smack the weekend around a bit.
  • I did a max of 33 push-ups Tuesday, five more than my initial test last week. I’m feeling confident that I’ll get to 50 in a few weeks and I can already tell that it’s going to be just as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge.
  • I read an interesting post this week from Fitz over at Strength Running, who detailed lessons learned from his race this past weekend. Check it out here. You may learn a thing or two from his experience.
  • #runchat with me and Scott returns this Saturday with Brooks as a sponsor and a cool giveaway. Check out Scott's entry here for all the details. See you on Twitter at 8 p.m. ET for a great night of chatting about running.
  • If you missed last night's post about my Relay for Life efforts, please read it now! I have a huge goal I'd like to hit today.