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No. 699

My next post will be my 700th entry since I started blogging in 2007, but since I already have plans for that post, I thought I'd make this one a numbered, miscellaneous post.

  • running, Relay for LifeTomorrow/early Saturday is my Relay for Life night. As I write this, I have raised more than $1,100 in the past couple of months; my team has topped $3,300. I'm a member of the Grand Club and am so happy to have raised so much to fight cancer. As promised, I'm running tomorrow night -- after reaching several different goals, I'll be running a half marathon. Unfortunately I can't do that all at one time, so I'll be breaking the mileage up throughout the night. I have even bigger plans to help fight cancer next year. For now, though, donations are still very welcomed HERE.
  • The only thing on my race schedule is the Baltimore Marathon. That will change soon, but that seems weird to me.
  • I mentioned on Twitter a month or so that I was going to go for a run streak in June -- run at least a mile every day in the month. While I want to do another streak, now's not the time to think about running every day for a month straight. This is still base-building time for me, not run-every-single-day-and-lose-focus-on-other-things time.
  • If you read my shoe post the other day (if you didn't go read it and come back), I still have not made a decision on a shoe purchase yet. I'm taking my time, continuing to do my own research on the subject. That being said, I failed to mention that my current shoe collection is great -- I have about 50 miles or so left in one pair, another pair is probably only one-third of the way through it's life, and I have a third pair of Ravenna not yet opened.
  • About a month ago, I did a Q&A with -- check it out HERE. Thanks to the folks there for allowing that to happen. It's always a great experience to share my continued journey and to spread the #runchat love.

Have a great weekend of running everybody!