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No. 765

There are a variety of things on my mind, so I won't waste time getting to them:

  • As if I didn't know that the Baltimore Marathon was a month away, an email with a giant counter reminded me, and a Facebook┬ápost unveiled the official marathon logo. The finishers medal was also released today. So yeah, there's a month to go.
  • I got a nice reminder this week that my body is in full control. I was a bit wiped out Monday and skipped what had become a regular core day with our personal trainer at work. Then after a good run Tuesday, my throat started hurting a bit. Then Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, I didn't feel that great. I spent yesterday fighting it with allergy medicine, Naked Juice, Arizona tea, water and a dose of Nyquil knock-off. I got a solid night's sleep and woke up feeling 10 times better today.
  • That said, I'm a bit off my mileage this week. I probably would have pulled a double yesterday for more mileage, and I thought about it briefly tonight, but besides an extra half mile with Duke, I'm opting for an earlier bedtime for more rest. I think at this point rest is more important than forcing miles. It's the first week of my training that I have felt behind, but I'm not going to force myself to make anything up.
  • If you're not a Garmin Connect fan, check it out. There is now a courses creation feature that follows the road.
  • This weekend marks what is now becoming known in the Shamrock Marathon events at Halfway to St. Patrick's Day weekend. For me, it's also known as 6-more-months-to-go-until-I-set-my-half-marathon-PR weekend, or 4-weeks-to-go-until-the-Baltimore-Marathon weekend. Both are equally exciting.
  • Lastly, tonight summer gets a big boot in the butt as temperatures drop to about 50; tomorrow's high might hit 60. It will be the coolest day since April. While I know there are plenty of warm days left, I think the oppressive heat is finally over. I'll drink to that.