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No. 914

It's been a while since I've had a numbered post (not including "12 things" because that's different), but I have a few running-related things on my mind that don't go together:

  • I'm tired of being tired. My wife told me to stop telling myself that I'm tired. I've had ups and downs in a very short time frame with marathon training, some mental, some not. I'm tired of saying that.
  • I took a look back at the beginning of my Baltimore Marathon training from a year ago and couldn't believe how different my overall mileage is. Instead of starting in the low 20s for weekly mileage, I'm in the upper 20s. And that training schedule was 2 weeks shorter.
  • I really need to add a couple of races to my calendar. This will be the first July I haven't had a race since 2009.
  • Speaking of my wife, she ran this morning. A 5k MAY be in her future. Maybe she'd have a better running blog than me right now.