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No changing my training

I've never come away from Shamrock weekend with so few thoughts. Usually the day after I'm ready to sign up for the next year (which I will sometime this week) and browsing hotel costs thinking I'll find a deal (although now I'm pretty set on staying at La Quinta next year). This year I'm just kind of mad at myself for not being in prime shape for my favorite race. While I ran a time that I fully expected, I can't help but know that I could have been more mentally and physically ready this year.

That said, I woudn't go back and trade my down time for more runs; I wouldn't go back and do more tempo mileage; I wouldn't change anything from my long runs.

If you think I'm beating myself up, I'm not. I know I can't have it both ways, so that's why I'm using Sunday's race as a measuring point.

I still ran sub 1:50 for a half marathon. I ran a good race, just not my best for this course. And just like I said in my post about the rain the other day, so what?

There's nothing I can do about that now, so I'm moving forward and will talk about the Blue Ridge Half Marathon soon.

My final thoughts from Shamrock aren't going to come from me, but instead from a photo of my son.

His joy of running a short kids race reminds me of the finer things in life. All my PRs and goals and personal experiences aren't nearly as important as seeing this kind of happiness.

2013 Shamrock Leprechaun Dash