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No more 180s?

So two blogs today (see Kerri's entry here and Steve's here) have me thinking a lot about my weight and how I REALLY want to end 2010. In these past 11 months I've been more determined than ever when it comes to running and I want to end this year strong – I don't want to sit around on the couch and wait for Jan. 1, 2011, to get here to start over. I think I pointed that out well enough in my post yesterday. In a year in which I seem so focused on numbers – my April streak, triple digits in several months, running 1,000 miles – there is a number I haven't seen on the scale in a few years: 179.9. That's 3.1 pounds to lose in 31 days. If I can do this in what I think is the hardest month to lose weight, then I know I'm setting myself up for an even better 2011.

A number doesn't define me, but the determination to reach this goal does. I made it through the marathon when I thought all was lost … I can make it to the 170s.