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No news is good news

I can't believe that I haven't posted in about a week - it's been one of my longest dry spells since I created this blog. Most of the time when people don't write it's because things aren't going so well. For me, though, things have been going great. I'm just taking things one small step at a time.

On Saturday I joined a training group for the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k that's in April. I'm basically doing this group as a behind-the-scenes blogging for work, but I also like having a group to run with. Although that run was short, it was mainly down a long hill and back up the same hill. With my injury, I had stayed away from hills, so it was a good workout.

On Sunday I decided to let this week be a real starting over week. I took the day off from running and planned to get up and get on a normal schedule on Monday. Only problem is I forgot to set the alarm Sunday night and slept in. I still got a walk/jog in with my dog, only much shorter than I hoped. Tuesday was a solid 3.4-mile run, with a 4-minute half-mile burst thrown in. Today was by far the best mid-week run I've had all month, getting in 4.1 miles this morning.

My plan for the rest of the week is a rest day tomorrow, an easy 3 miles or so for Friday, the group run Saturday (likely 3 miles), then I hope 5 or more on Sunday. All told I should be close to 20 miles for the week. I am still keeping a close watch on my foot and will stop at any sign of pain, but things have felt great these past couple of weeks.

Despite running more and eating the same, I'm getting that mid-winter feeling of putting on a few pounds, so I'm determined to make February a very focused month on everything so I'm ready for my half marathon in March. This includes regular tempo runs, regular long runs, ab workouts, solid cross training and maybe the first race since November. It's time ...