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Normal, but tired

The other day I asked for a normal week ... well, four days into this week and I feel like it's lasted three weeks. I'm just tired. I'm not a good traveler like I used to be. But that hasn't stopped me from getting in two good runs (4 miles and 3.8 miles) and a good ride on the exercise bike last night at the gym (10 miles). At the same time, though, it's felt a bit forced. Honestly I'm just ready for the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon to get here and see how it goes. One more long run this weekend and I'll be ready. I hope the weather of the first weekend in September doesn't follow this pattern of being threatened by tropical storms. While I wouldn't mind rain, I think high winds and heavy rain would not be ideal. I would do it, but I sure wouldn't like it. Right now, the really long-range forecast is looking good. Anything will be better than last year.

(And yes, I changed my layout again. The other one just didn't do anything for me.)