living in the now

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.


running, 2011 miles "Normal" isn't a word I throw around often, but May has been just that. Normal. At least with running. With other things – such as doing 725 push-ups as part of the 100 push-ups program – it’s been establishing a new normal. Then there’s a the new job, which I’m still getting used to as normal. That will take another couple of weeks.

With running, though, I’ve had some really good runs coupled with solid and consistent mileage, even with stomach issues in the final full week. Four weeks of miles at 19.8, 20.1, 20.1 and 15.8, plus yesterday’s 10k, puts May at 82 miles, the highest month so far this year. It's also the second-straight month of more than 80 miles, which is perfect for building a base heading into summer.

In the past 31 days, I've become more and more grateful for just being able to run. It's so easy after an injury to move on and not appreciate the ability to run, but every time I'm out there I think about how great it is to be running. I think this feeling will help continue to keep me focused over the next 20 weeks as I prepare for the Baltimore Marathon.

I approached May not having specific goals for the month. Usually when that happens I get lazy or fall off whatever wagon I was on, but this month was much different. I liked it. For June, my plan is to do more of the same.

My 33rd birthday is June 24, which is 16 weeks and a day away from the marathon. It's a perfect weekend to flip the mental switch to "officially" start marathon training, but I'm pretty much already in training mode. The training before the training is working well and I can't lose focus over the next month.

Smarter, stronger, faster -- it's what I said many times during my low points six months ago and now's the time to put those words into action.