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Noteworthy 16-miler

Nice run this morning, full of notes:

* 16 miles in 2:31 was a bit slower than I wanted, but it's worth pointing out that 10 miles into the run I was just a tad slower than 9 minutes a mile. The last six in about a 10-minute mile pace were on some big-time hills. But then looking at my run overall on a map, it looks like the whole thing was full of ups and down. Total elevation gain: 1,003 feet.

*It pays to run early. At a yard sale around 6:45 a.m., I found a $5 toy organizer that is usually about $30 new. What a steal.

* I ran 5 miles with my dog, his longest run in several months.

* The weather was awesome -- 64, low humidity and breezy.

* Cows don't like my singing. I was jamming out to some O.A.R.'s "Hey Girl" when I passed some cows. They just stared me down.

* I'd love to write more, but now I have to hop in the car for 2-plus hours to visit some in-laws in North Carolina. Enjoy the holiday weekend!