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Oddly sad

Today was a big running day in Richmond - an 8k, a half marathon and a marathon. The same and only marathon that I ran two years ago. I was going to run the 8k, but as soon as I got my job offer I knew that I didn't want to squeeze it in with the moving that had to be done. Instead of running a race this weekend, I spent last night getting a workout in by climbing up and down a ladder and carrying boxes out of my attic in about an hour's time. Today I'm feeling it -- my feet and hips are sore from that up and down mess on the ladder, my elbows are bruised from hitting the sides of the attic entry and my knee hurts because I missed a step coming down one time, resulting in me banging my knee against the ladder.

But that wasn't a PR in an 8k or a 4-hour marathon. It was life's work. While I'm excited about my move and completely happy with my new job, it was sad not participating in a big race today with thousands of other people. But the great thing about running is there's always next year. It's so cliché, yet completely true. I'm actually tempted to sign up for next year's marathon this weekend while there's a discount rate.

I'll give it a day, though, just to make sure I'm not going with my emotions right now. My body and I need to talk about this ...