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Officially official for Baltimore

Baltimore Marathon, running This week I finally got an email about my Baltimore Marathon registration. While I knew my money had been processed, my paper copy for my spur-of-the-moment registration in April was sitting on a shelf somewhere.

Now that I’m officially official, I have 129 days to go before marathon No. 3. Really? That’s it? Where is the time going this year? Every time I think my injury issues were just a few weeks ago, I look at my Daily Mile training profile and see this:

Daily Mile, running

These past 15 weeks have been so consistent and mostly pain free, so it’s time I get serious about Baltimore. My official stance on flipping the mental switch to training is to start on my birthday in a couple of weeks, which will mark 16 weeks and 1 day to go.

Any time someone asks me what “plan” I’m following, I realize that I haven’t seriously looked at marathon training plans since last summer. I executed a non-plan plan so well, up until the end, that I’m going to do it again. I’m going to look at as many training plans as possible, map out my long runs on what I think works for me, give myself a range of mileage at every 4-week interval based on the various plans and what’s working for me at the time, and then hope for the best.

It’s all about making a plan that works for me with flexibility built in. I’ve done this for most of my half marathons and it has always worked well. It has to work this time for the marathon.

This year I fully intend to approach things differently – I need to incorporate a speed workout in the middle of the week; I need to do longer runs a bit faster and more goal-oriented; and I will continue to cross train with core work and push-ups – I may even break out my bike or do other things at my gym at work once a week.

I am pretty excited about this. The spontaneous signing up in April certainly helped. When I did Richmond last year, I signed up so far in advance that I had a year to think about it. By signing up when I wasn't confident that I could do it has kept me focused in the past couple of months. Now it's time for that focus to continue.