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OK, winter, that's enough

I love running in the snow ... but prolonged cold temperatures? I'm over it. It's certainly been one of the most bizarre winters I've experienced in Virginia. While snow isn't uncommon, the fact that it's been around for so long is. While most of the December snow melted before the second big one a few weeks ago, I've seen some kind of snow on the ground -- from covering the ground to completely to ugly parking lot snow -- since Dec. 18. That's just too long. There's been some pretty good melting in the past few days -- I actually saw some grass yesterday -- there's the potential for up to 3 inches of snow tomorrow. All this snow just keeps things cold -- the long-range forecast keeps temperatures in the mid- to upper 30s, with a hint of 40 degrees a week from now. So when I run in the evenings, that means it'll still be in the low 30s, which pretty much means long sleeves and long pants. I haven't wore shorts much at all.

I know it's winter and I shouldn't complain, but it hasn't bothered me much until this week. Today I was just tired of it. I think I'm just tired in general, but the cold air is not motivating.

On the good news side of things, this week marked my fourth straight week with 20 or more running miles, a very nice streak indeed. This week also marked my third 10 miler three weeks in a row -- I'm pretty sure that's something I haven't done in nearly three years when I trained for my first (and only so far) marathon. For my half marathons, I have generally tried to get it only two double-digit runs before the race, but my strategy this time around is obviously different.

So far this month I've run 45-plus miles, and like January, these have mostly been high quality miles. I've gotten in a few runs that areĀ  just for the sake of getting in a couple of miles, but to me those are just as important. To have a mix of great runs, so-so runs and flat-out bad runs is what keeps things interesting for me.