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On top of the world

Growing up, I had the chance to hike nearby Sharp Top mountain in Bedford County several times. However, I never tackled the trail with a purpose other than seeing the view. That all changed today as I went with a group to hike/run the mountain and then nearby Harkening Hill, which is just another smaller mountain. Here's a clip from my new Flip cam that I got this week. I need to work on saving the file size bigger, but because I'm hooked up wirelessly to DSL, I can't save it too much bigger than it this.

(Did you notice that when I say I hope I'm not cutting off my head that I then proceed to cut off my head.)

This was a pretty awesome 8-mile adventure done in about an hour and 45 minutes. If I can ever get used to coming downhill on trails, this experience will be even more rewarding. That being said, conquering mountains is one of the greatest experiences I've had with running.  It truly feels like I'm on top of the world when I reach a peak.