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One run closer to Baltimore

I like runs that leave me with thoughts all over the place. I finished today's 14.3-mile run feeling good, strong and eager to do more. Instead of fearing next week's second 20-miler, I'm embracing everything about it. running, long run, BedfordHere are some highlights from today's run:

  • My time -- 2:09 -- was 38 seconds faster per mile than a 14-mile run from a year ago. It's more than a minute faster per mile than either of my 20-milers from then; it was also 20-plus seconds faster than last week's intentionally slower long run.
  • My continuous intentional start slow, finish strong method of training was well executed today. The first mile was 9:43; the final mile was 8:47. All the other miles were within 26 seconds of each other.
  • The weather was perfect -- a consistent temperature in the low 50s and lots of clouds made this an ideal training run. I'd gladly take this for the Baltimore Marathon in 4 weeks.
  • There were hills in Bedford I hit for the first time since last summer. It was part of getting rid of the injury fear factor that's plagued me all year.
  • Four weeks to go ... all I have to do is stay focused, run smart and stay patient.
long run, elevation, Bedford