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"Only" 8

After seven straight weeks of having double-digit long runs, and four weeks of double-digit long runs before a bad week in September, it was weird running only 8 miles today. While it felt great, I got that itch for the first time while tapering to do more. My body is well rested and ready for a marathon. Mentally, I'm there too.

Next week I'll have a couple of very short 2-3 mile runs and one 4 mile run, basically taking it easy all week. I'm taking off work on Friday to #1 get my mind off work and to #2 get some extra rest. I'll be taking off Monday as well.

On another note, I wanted to address wishing people luck before a race. Everybody does it. But in the past month or so, I've realized how much I don't like hearing or saying "good luck." It's not luck that gets runners to the start line and it's not luck that carries us to the finish line. I didn't get lucky to lose weight by running and I didn't get lucky to train for a marathon. While most people are being nice to say "good luck," I think saying "Have a good race/run" or "Happy running" or "Run like a gazelle" is more appropriate. It's fine if "good luck" is your thing ... I'm sure I'll hear it a lot this week and I'll probably accidentally say it a time or two, but just know that's it's really not about luck.