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Path to my backyard marathon takes me to Pennsylvania

Runner's World Half Marathon and FestivalThis Sunday will mark my 16th half marathon and the 5th this year. Of those half marathons, only a few have actually been "A" races, meaning I've set a lofty goal and left it all on the course. All others have generally been training races. The Runner's World Half Marathon will once again act as a training race. With less than 4 weeks to go to the Richmond Marathon, the timing for a true dress rehearsal has never been more perfect.

Had I not chosen this race, I'd probably be doing a second 20 miler. Instead, I'm focused on my marathon pace with my main goal for the Runner's World Half to be around 1:50. If I'm a minute or two slower or faster, that's fine with me too.

More importantly than my goals for this weekend, I'm really looking forward to meeting my #RunChat partner Scott and many others who join #RunChat twice a month. These few days are full of opportunities to learn from others, get inspired to do greater things with running and just have fun.

To essentially close off marathon training with a weekend like this is a rare treat. It's kind of a tone-setter for getting through my taper healthy, well rested and focused on my sub 3:45 goal.