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Plan Z

2012 Richmond Marathon bib

When all other plans fail, just finish.

That's what yesterday's Richmond Marathon ended up being about -- finishing. I don't know what went wrong or why it went wrong or how it went wrong. Halfway through I felt good, was right on pace and ready to kick it up just a notch.

Then the wheels fell off. Not by a little ... when the wheels fell off the rest of me fell apart.

Finishing time: 4:40 and a few seconds. Yes -- nearly an hour off my "A" goal.

Instead of dwelling on what happened, I'll leave you with a post I put on Facebook yesterday. These were all thoughts I had along the way. I really don't have anything else to add right now.

2012 Richmond Marathon finish

  • Mile 1: I love running.
  • Mile 3: I love me some Monument Avenue. Who's buying me a house here?
  • Mile 7: Enough with the poop signs already.
  • Mile 11: I forgot to tell Scott about this neighborhood and the hills. Oops.
  • Mile 13.1: Perfect pace, feeling good.
  • Mile 17: If I see Christina I'm dropping out.
  • Mile 19: Right about now I need Travis to be the voice of reason.
  • Mile 21: I'm never doing this shit again!
  • Mile 22: That's a dumb thought. I should do Disney in January.
  • Mile 24: I'm going to cry about everything in life.
  • Mile 26.2: I'm a marathoner for the fourth time, who cares what my time was? Bring me beer.