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Pre-Boston. Post-Boston.

Running for Boston shirtWhat happened April 15 at the Boston Marathon will forever be on my mind. The emotions from that day and then seeing the running community stand together have changed me. I feel like that day reset my thoughts and goals. There's the pre-Boston me and the post-Boston me. I think that's the case for a lot of people and the running community.

I'm not really sure what's next, and I have no idea if I'll stick to my non-marathon thoughts this year.

All of a sudden, anything I've ever said doesn't matter. I want new goals. I want new challenges. I want to run for completely different reasons than I did before April 15.

I feel like I have a 5,000-piece puzzle scattered on a table with non of the pieces put together. I'm in no hurry to start on the pieces, but I love this feeling of having options. ...