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Pre-Shamrock thoughts

A few days after last year's Shamrock Half Marathon, I wrote this: This year I’m just kind of mad at myself for not being in prime shape for my favorite race. While I ran a time that I fully expected, I can’t help but know that I could have been more mentally and physically ready this year. Fast forward a year and I can easily say that I'm in much better shape and much more mentally prepared. That said, I don't know if my PR is even close to realistic. As just about everyone in America knows, it was a cold winter. We got a little lucky in Richmond with not as much snow as others, but a few storms still impacted several runs.

Here are a few notes about Shamrock No. 6:

  • I didn't train much at goal pace. I don't know why that even worries me. I never do for this race. It's damn near impossible to.
  • After a warm-up this week, then another cool-down Thursday, the weather looks to rebound this weekend for good weather conditions. It's still a little early to get excited about that.
  • I logged 5 10-mile training runs in February and early March. That's about right on track for the Shamrocks that have gone well. My total mileage in January and February are comparable to those good years, too.
  • It's only a few pounds, but I do weigh less than last year. I'd have to dig way deep to see how I compare to my PR year from 2 years ago, but I certainly feel a lot better than any point since late 2012.
  • This will be my first son's 3rd and final Leprechaun Dash, held the day before the race. While it's a bit sad he's getting that much older, the tradition can continue next year with my second son.

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