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Product review: Zippearz

I don't listen to music much when I run, but when I do I like my headphones to stay in my ear. I generally go a cheap route, getting a pair of headphones that wrap around my ear and go on my way. They usually last about 6 months. A couple of months ago I was contacted by Zippearz to try their earbuds. The claim on their website is they don't fall out and they "zip up" for less tangling.

To put it simply, these are great earbuds. They come with three different sized ear covers to essentially fit any type of ear. I've had about 10 runs in them and never had any issues -- for me, they don't fall out, nor do they come loose. I found that the adjustable ear piece that comes with them to be annoying, but not necessary at all.

The aspect of zipping up the earbuds after a run works well too. While I think it's impossible to make things with cords not tangle, these definitely are a big improvement over any other pair I've ever worn.

Zippearz are sold for $24.95 on their website -- while I received this for review, I would definitely pay that price for these.

#runchat, Facebook

Zippearz is sponsoring this week's #runchat on Twitter. Just by participating in #runchat you'll be entered to win a pair of Zippearz earbuds.

If you're unfamiliar with #runchat, please visit my #runchat page and come join the fun at 8 p.m. ET this Sunday. It's very easy to take part -- just look for questions from me (@RunningBecause) and Scott (@iRunnerBlog) and then answer, retweet responses and have fun!

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