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Push reset, please

Better yet, get the shocks out and get this body going again. My running recovery was coming along so nicely until Friday came along. Then BAM!

I've had some sicknesses stop me from running for a while, but it's been a long, long time in which I've had something absolutely put me back to what feels like square one. I know I'm not really starting over -- but with a fully empty stomach, having to hydrate myself as if I've never had water, and pretty much taking a week off running, it feels like I'm restarting.

But you know what? This is a good thing. The spinning wheels in my head have slowed way down. I had pretty much decided not to run the Shamrock Half Marathon this year, but the decision to pull out was very tough. That was until I found out recently I could defer my entry fee to next year. Then after getting sick, I didn't have to think about the decision. It's what I'm doing.

The Shamrock Half, to me, is not about just finishing. It's a tradition for me to want to go out and prove something. This year wouldn't prove anything to increase my mileage over the next five weeks to go out there and risk hurting myself. I've come too far already to take that chance right now. It's not a DNS ... it's a true deferment with very little money lost since I signed up on race weekend last year.

I'm instead going to put my focus on some things in April and then I'll wait until then to focus on things later this year. Recovering from my ITB injury (uh, result) has changed my frame of mind for now and I have no issues with continuing this way for a while.

So as bad as getting horribly sick was, it's like it was my body's way to tell me to completely stop. I always listen to my body and it's always right. I hope, though, that my body will be ready to keep running 4 miles at a time with no problems very soon.