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Pushing through tiredness

I'll admit it -- my legs are tired this week. After 3 of 4 weeks of 30-plus miles in a week, I'm certainly at the highest mileage I've been at in 3 years. I'm having the month of my life so far with 74 miles in 16 days. So there's good reason that I'm finding it not easy to run this week. Many people would give me these lines:

  • It's OK, you need rest.
  • Oh, take it easy this week. You'll come back stronger.
  • It happens to all of us. Don't push it.

All things that are very true, and all things that I have said at various times. But here's the thing: If I cut back this week, what do I do a few weeks from now if I have the same feeling when I'm even closer to the marathon? I'm not asking for advice here ... I'm asking the question with a hint of sarcasm that doesn't come across in writing very well, unless you know me of course.

On tonight's short 3-miler, I was thinking about those last 6 miles of the marathon. You dig deep to finish something like that. No matter what the body says, people push through it. That's what I'm going through with my training this week. I have to push through this. If I push through tired legs for another run or two, then those final 6 miles on Nov. 13 aren't going to seem nearly as bad. It's why marathon training is so long, and why marathon training needs to be so long. You just can't wing it.

And no, I'm not risking injury. I'm not in any pain, I haven't jumped up my mileage anything crazy this week and I'm making sure that I'm not running sloppy or running just to run. I've learned from my mistakes and will not run through any pain. It's about pushing through it ... I'll repeat myself a hundred times if I have to. I know that next week is a recovery week and I'm planning on cutting way back with a race at the end of the week. So if I push through it now, my body is going to enjoy next week even more.