Race week: Final thoughts

I don't have Internet access in my hotel, but I'm going to pound out some thoughts anyway and just pre-date this post. It'll help clear my mind before tomorrow's race.

* My last weigh-in before this race was, as I had hoped, very successful. My weight was 189.4 -- just shy of 8 pounds lost for the year. It's about the same weight I've always been for this time of the year, but this year is a tad different.

I had packed on more fall/winter weight than usual, so even though I was in decent shape before training started, I was heavier than usual. The weight loss just goes right along with the training progression that I've made. It's nice too to zoom past the initial 189.9 goal by more than a half pound. Next up: 185.

* I love the beach. I highly doubt I'll ever live here, but given the right opportunity, it would be hard to turn down. Fortunately I like my job a lot now and I'm tired of moving. It's a tough call to which is better -- running with the mountains in view and running in the mountains or running along the Boardwalk with the sun rising. It's God's way of teasing us I believe.

* I ran 2 miles this morning, and at my slowest attempt I was under a 9-minute mile. I hope this is a sign of things to come tomorrow.

* I will run my hardest tomorrow and leave it all on the course, but I really want to kill that PR. There's a good quote in the Shamrock calendar that I got yesterday that sums up my thoughts on racing very well -- "Let effort, not time, determine if you had a good race." That's the way I approach races, but this one just feels special. I just hope that my effort reflect a better time.

* My wife has a "Dallas box" for an annual Mary Kay conference in the summer. She started this last year after she was unable to afford going on that trip. Every day some loose change goes in that box, and occasionally some cash finds its way in there. It's way to save for something special -- a specially designed box for a very special trip to reward herself (and maybe me too this year).

When I get back home I'm creating a "Shamrock box." While I'll sign up for the race early -- the fee is minimal when looking at the big picture -- I want to stay in a nice hotel. Even in March the hotels are ridiculously priced at Myrtle Beach. While I have a decent room this year, I'm paying the price for going cheap. I'm across the street from the beach on the first floor facing Pacific Avenue with no balcony. Enough of this.

I want a nice hotel, with a comfortable bed with a nice balcony. One that has a decent breakfast for a change. The nicer hotels cost about the same per night that I'm paying for two nights this weekend, but if I'm going to train this hard and utilize this weekend as a mini-vacation, then I want to step up my accommodations.

* The weather this weekend is PERFECT. I love weather that's nice enough to wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt and not feel the need for a jacket or have to sweat. It was about 70 degrees yesterday and not a cloud in the sky. This morning's run was flawless with a beautiful sunrise that I missed by two minutes. The weather conditions look to be great for 7 a.m. with lows around 50 tonight.