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Races, by the numbers

I'm not sure why I find this interesting, but as I ponder entering a race on Saturday, and with a race planned at the end of the month, I started thinking: how many races I have actually done in May? Exactly ONE. That's all. That seems odd to me that in the awesome running season of spring, I've only done one race in May. June isn't much better with two.

So I went through my Race Times pages and counted what I've done each month. I shouldn't be surprised, but the second half of the year is more than double the first half of the year. Here's the breakdown by month:

  • January – 0; February – 3; March – 6 (9 in Q1)
  • April – 4; May – 1; June – 2 (7 in Q2)
  • July – 6; August – 7; September 5 (18 in Q3)
  • October – 4; November – 9; December – 4 (17 in Q4)