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Rain. A whole lot of freakin' rain

In case you've been living under a rock, it's been raining in Virginia and other parts of the mid-Atlantic for three straight days. And not just any rain ... crazy, late-hurricane season monsoon-type rain. Fortunately where I am we've been spared the worst, but we had about 4 inches total in a short time frame. Eastern parts of the state have had much more. It's also gone from a very nice upper 60s or so to about 40 degrees tonight. It's been awful. That all being said, it did stop raining a bit this evening -- long enough to get in a good run and get my dog out of the house for a half hour or so. To say he was going stir crazy is an understatement. He's had that oh-so-sad depressed doggy look for a while now. It's the "why can't I have 5 more minutes to circle the yard to poop" look. So we both got out and got rid of the energy that's been building up.