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Rain, rain and more rain

A co-worker of mine was complaining about the weather the other day and commented that's it's been more like Seattle lately. Well, actually, Richmond averages about 7 inches more of preciptation per year than Seattle. But in the past five days or so we've been sitting in this horrible weather pattern that is just dumping buckets of rain on us. While I can easily go to the gym for workouts, this type of weather pattern is just tiring and depressing. And at this time of year I would like to just run and ride my bike outside, not in a stuffing gym like tonight ... which by the way was an awful workout. The other night when I ran 5 miles, it stopped raining just long enough to sneak in a run. I don't want to sneak in runs ... I want warm sunshine; I want to sweat ... it only seems like the right thing to do in May. My dog would like it to stop raining too ...